'Woodwoo' promotional poster.
2013, 12 minutes

Director: Jonny Phillips
Producers: Jonathan Blagrove & John Fensom
Starring: Jonny Phillips & John Kirk

Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees…

An ancient oak tree awakens a jaded tree surgeon to the intensity of life when a routine job suddenly turns out to be anything but.

‘Woodwoo’ marks the directorial debut of actor Jonny Phillips (Titanic, Bronson) who also stars in this tense existential thriller.

Festival Screenings

Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival 2013

Cambridge Film Festival 2013, Colchester Film Festival 2013

Warsaw Film Festival 2013

Tallgrass International Film Festival 2013

Aesthetica Film Festival 2014

Asiana International Short Film Festival 2013

British Shorts Berlin 2014, Northern Wave Festival 2013

Norwich Film Festival 2014, St. Albans Film Festival 2014

Bang! Notingham 2014, Loch Ness Film Festival 2013.


“Unbearable Tension” — Dylan Cave, Sight & Sound

“Brilliantly Simple” — Harriet Warman, BFI Online

“Remarkable… Audiences will be hard pressed to not leave their seats with fingernails in the arm rests!” — UK Film Review


Woodwoo from Coda Films on Vimeo.