Released: 2023 Running Time: 17 mins 30 sec Origin: UK Starring: Tim Plester, Francesco Piacentini-Smith, Gill Tichbourne Director: Jonathan Blagrove Producer: Nataša Cordeaux Executive Producers: Peter Coventry Writer: Owen Nicholls Production Companies: Coda Films Ltd. and Badger & Bolt Films in association with No. 8 post-production and October Studios Delivery Formats: 4K UHD Quicktime […]

The Dong With The Luminous Nose

Coda Films most recent collaboration with actor / director Jonny Phillips is his beautiful and timely adaptation of Edward Lears haunting poem, narrated by Tilda Swinton and stars Robert Whitelock and Sasha Behar, with original music from Guy Sigsworth.

Alfred Cohen: An American Artist in Europe

We were commissioned to produce a couple of films for the Alfred Cohen: An American Artist in Europe centenary exhibition which sadly ran for a single day in March 2020, closed early due to the COVID 19 pandemic. About the exhibition The American artist Alfred Cohen (1920-2001) won a fellowship in 1949 on graduation from […]

Smoke & Mirrors (Working Title)

‘Smoke & Mirrors’ (Working Title) 2020, Running Time: TBC, Documentary Director: Jonathan Blagrove Director of Photography: Christopher Sharman A portrait of former veteran scenic artist and painter Tony Strong. The film shines a spotlight on this often overlooked element of the craft of film making, with Tony now in his late nineties, reflecting on a […]


Released: 2020 Running Time: 9 minutes Origin: UK Screening Format: 4K & 2K DCP, ProRes 4444, Bluray Original Format: Red Dragon Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Starring: Rob Whitelock, Jonny Phillips (voice), Vicky McClure Director: Jonathan Blagrove Producer: Peter Coventry Executive Producers: Jon Max-Spatz, Crispin Buxton Writer: Lynda Williams Production Companies: Coda Films Ltd. and Signature Pictures […]


‘BRINK’ 2018, 4 mins 59, UK Screening Format: 2K DCP, ProRes 4444, Bluray Original Format: Alexa Mini Audio: Dolby Digital 2.1 Starring: Lisa Dwyer-Hogg & Tim Plester Director: Jonathan Blagrove Producer: Jonathan Blagrove A peaceful suburban family home is invaded by a mysterious stranger, leaving a you woman desperately fighting for her freedom with her […]


  ‘Woodwoo’ 2013, 12 minutes Director: Jonny Phillips Producers: Jonathan Blagrove & John Fensom Starring: Jonny Phillips & John Kirk Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees… An ancient oak tree awakens a jaded tree surgeon to the intensity of life when a routine job suddenly turns out to be anything but. ‘Woodwoo’ […]

A Simple Fracture

‘A Simple Fracture’ 2017, 11 minutes Director: Jonny Phillips Writer: Julian Firth Producer: Jonathan Blagrove Starring: David Horovitch, Ann Firbank, Julian Firth Actor turned director Jonny Phillips’ follow up to the 2013 festival hit ‘Woodwoo’ is a beautifully crafted and performed psychological drama, written by Julian Firth and starring David Horovitch (Mr. Turner, The Young […]

The Final Reel

  ‘The Final Reel’ PG, 2016 94 mins Narrated by Sir John Hurt CBE Director: Jonathan Blagrove Producers: Jonathan Blagrove & Marc Atkinson Distributor: Time Reel Studios (UK) From the early days of silent cinema, through the golden age of the picture palace to the modern multiplexes and beyond, The Final Reel takes an affectionate […]